Friday, May 22, 2009

Kusudama Boutonniere

That crafty #2 daughter has been making many, many kusudama flowers. These few will be a boutonniere for my grooms lapel later today at our wedding. My bouquet is also red and white. Photos to follow next week.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Button, button, who's got the button?

Aren't these cute? This was a free download pdf for the stems.
I added some buttons, and voila, very cute button card.
Sent this with my Mothers Day package.
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Mothers Day

This is that 'certain something' that I was working on for my mom. It is a rice therapy neck pillow and a rice eyemask. Just some scraps I pieced together but it made a great pillowcase.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Kusudama Flowers Stems

Daughter #2 made these yesterday. (Actualy I did a flower, then prefolded some sheets), but she went further and rolled the stems from more origami paper to make each stand on a stem. Aren't they gorgeous. Love that crafty kid! :)
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Like a Birthday Present

When the clerk said $5.68, I smiled like it was my birthday. I love shopping at thrift stores for crafty stuff. Salvation Army, Goodwill, Crisis Pregnancy Support, all have my money on a regular basis.
It's not that I only buy old and salvaged stuff, it is just that I love saving money!!!
When I can get all those used candles, which means wax to make my own newly poured candles with wick for free, and 10 zippers, one package of white rick rack, 5 pieces of glassware, A bag of 50 pieces of tulle already cut into circles, one pkg. of silk ribbon for embroidering flowers, and a new basket trashcan, I really do feel good about how far my money will go towards my crafty endeavors.
As I work down this basket of goodies I will post the items. I can't wait to see what comes.
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Mothers Day

The beginning of something cozy for my mom. She has been ill for a bit and I am hoping this rice pillow will make her feel better. I simply sewed up some scraps that I had cut away from the corners of boxes, pieced them together so that I could have a large enough
piece to make the casing. I then cut and sewed into a rectangle some utility muslin. (I just love that stuff!) Leaving one end open to fill with 4 cups of rice, then sewn shut.

Will post up the finished pictures later. The inspiration came from Sew, Mama Sew.
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