Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sewing Machine Meme

What brand and model?
Bernina Virtuoso 150 CPS Special Quilters Edition
How long have you had it?
How much does that machine cost?
then 1200.00, now ?
What types of things do you sew?
Everything. Garments, Crafts, Home Dec. vinyl, leather, quilts. I have even run light aluminum through it.
How much do you sew?
I try to sew everyday, but don't always find I am able.
Do you like/love/hate your machine?
I love it. I had an older singer for the first 8 years or so that I sewed. I sewed, sold, and saved just so that I could buy the Bernina. I wanted it for a long time before I had enough money, and now am just as happy with that purchase as the day I got it. (no name, just Bernina)
What features does you machine have that work well for you?
Many optional/exchangeable feet. 150 built in stitches. Complete stainless steel parts. Swiss Engineering.
Is there anything that drives you nuts about your machine?
Not the machine, however I would like the table to be flush with the top of the machine. Someday......
At Christmas, in the year of my great sales/savings for the purchase my ex-husband wrapped up a banana and put it under the tree. He told the kids to be sure and give mom her 'bernana'. I thought he was going to finish out my needed funds, instead he was playing a practical joke.
I didn't think it was very funny.
I would most definitely recommend a Bernina to anyone.
What factors are important to consider?
Reliability, Product Warranty. A sewing machine is something that can last 50 years or more if taken care of. A company that stands behind its product with service and upgrades should be highly considered.
P.S. I also have a Bernina 1300MDC 5 thread serger, a very old industrial White Brothers (for upholstery) and daughter #2 received a Brother Project Runway for this years Christmas.
P.P.S. A quick overview of Bernina online suggests that the Aurora 440QE is as close as what I have now. Price range for this model is $3500.00 listed new.


  1. The banana joke would have put him on the list...

  2. Dear SassySeamstress,

    I already have this machine and have a question owner to owner. I am desperate to find information about switching stitches using the CPS.

    My dealer no longer supports the CPS so will not (cannot?) switch the stitches. They say the software was not upgraded as Windows improved over the years so the system is obsolete, even telling me that switching the stitches is now impossible. Contacting Bernina directly was a dead end. Do you have any advice for me?

    It is frustrating to have this lovely machine without being able to switch stitches, which in itself was one of the main reasons I purchased this machine. I so hope you'll respond to my inquiry. I cannot find anyone associated with Bernina or the dealer who sold me my machine who will even talk to me.

    Oh, one more thing - two years after I purchased this machine (so around 2002), I went back to the dealer and purchased the entire CPS system so I could switch the stitches myself. This was highly encouraged (pushed on me?) by my Bernina dealer as I lived so far away from the shop and wanted to be as creative as possible with my stitches (traveling back and forth to the dealer was much work). The CPS system was an additional $200 beyond the original price of the machine. I was glad to pay it in order to enjoy more frequent stitch changes.

    Now I feel left out of the Bernina world, and even duped. Last year when I once again inquired with my dealer, (and unfortunately shared my frustration with them), I was even told that by the saleswoman that I shouldn't have been able to purchased the CPS system separately back in 2002.

    I still love my machine but wish it to be as capable as possible.

    Any ideas? There must be many other Bernina 150 QE owners out there who share my frustration.

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  4. If you have the software and you can find a old laptop running Windows 98 you can change the stitches.