Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Market Bag amusing update on my Market Bag in white. My husband I went grocery shopping Sunday afternoon. I handed my bags, all stuffed into one to the cashier, who passed them on to the bag boy. A second bag boy came to assist, and as the first pulled out one, then two bags all was fine. As he came to the white market bag, however, he made a scrunched up face, and gave a quizical look to the second boy. They caught my husbands eye, and he being very intuitive told both of them ,"Hey, I wouldn't carry that thing either." They both expressed great relief, and stuffed it right back into the large bag. I explained that it was for produce, thus the holes, but the three of them would not hear it.
I guess I can try and recycle, and go green, but I can't fight male pride. It was all very amusing.

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