Friday, September 11, 2009

Messy, Messy,Messy

So, when I get an idea into my head.......sometimes it just wont let go. I have not been happy with the furniture arrangement of my sewing/craft room for a while. I have no closet door, and did not have very much workspace on the floor. Daughter 1, and 2 and I began this project Tuesday evening. First we pulled off everything from the shelves. Most of it was stacked into the floor. Then we moved all the furniture to its new home. Third, we began the slow and arduous task of folding, tossing, and organizing all that was left. I had listed over 150 craft/sewing/project books last week on Amazon, so that was a start to sorting the books. This is the progress after we had done this much. I have purchased new shelves to go over the long the tall table and hopefully this weekend will make further progress. I love clean and tidy spaces, so right now this is very frustrating.
For another messy, messy cleanup go visit blog artist extroidinaire Dave Lowe at
He has been blogging about his ghastly garage clean out since April. HAHAHA!
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