Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Posted by PicasaCan you remember 1975? Yesterday was my birthday. As you may have guessed from the photo above I was in my early teens in 1975. You can do the math from there. We scanned in this photo last year along with some from my family when we were all younger and thinner. What a hoot! I have very straight hair. Always have. My mother rolled it up on sponges the night before, just for picture day. (Because, you know, I never looked like that any other day of the year. I had a great birthday. Well, birthday weekend is what it really was. My husband spent all day Saturday gifting me, then Sunday we lazed around, did manage to get some Home Depot shopping, and then yesterday the kids made dinner...(Chinese) and a cake with their presents. Daughter 3 made me a wonderful beaded ring all by herself. Pic's of that later.
I have many more of those long straight hairs now that are grey, but am grateful and blessed to have them.

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