Monday, March 15, 2010

Psychadelic Purse

This is my crocheted purse. Last year I showed a sloppy photo of this same rainbow cording used to make a book bag for Daughter #2.
I finished my purse sometime before Christmas, but have only been using it everyday for about a week. I always, always, get some comment from someone when we go out/in somewhere.

This really surprises the husband, because he hates it. He does not know of the need to have a little sparkle and flash once in a while. He is so sweet, and always chimes in "she made that" when the waitress or clerk says they like it. I lined it with a nice piece of creamy yellow linen, which was hand basted in, then machine stitched twice.

When I made the lining, I included pockets on either side, the left has a divided pocket of three sections, and the right has two, but now I wish that I had made a completely divided center. I am very happy with it either way.

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