Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden Lovelies

When all the flowers in the flower beds in my front yard bloom, I love the colors. It is so bright, so lively. I snapped these photos a few weeks ago, but thought today that I would share this lovely color with you.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jekyll Island Anniversary

So, a few weeks ago my wonderful husband and I spent the weekend in Jekyll Island, GA for our anniversary. I am a Georgia girl, but had never, in my memory, been to Jekyll Island. It was so lovely. I loved the foliage, the greenery, the water.

On the island is a Sea Turtle Rescue Shelter and Animal Hospital. This gigantic fossil was hanging in the lobby. I would have hated to come across a turtle that big!
This is an old fort. When I say old, I mean OLD. It was built in 1734 by a group of settlers led by James Oglethorpe. the name of this lovely National Historic Site is Fort Frederica. This was the site of The Battle of Bloody Marsh which the English fought against the Spanish for control of this part of Georgia. The Spanish were governing in Florida at the time and marched about 200 of their army up to St. Simons Island for an attack. Oglethorpe sent several hundred men to cover this advancement and it was said the marshes ran red with blood. The British routed the forces with their musket fire. Within a week Montaino's army evacuated St. Simons and returned to Florida, thereby ending the last Spanish threat to Georgia.

Isn't it just lovely. I would say it was well worth fighting for.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Apron Swap Photos

Here are justa a few more photos from the apron swap. Thanks again Val. Everything was great. Ann

Thursday, June 10, 2010


So......I told you I dont have very good hand strength right? I will give these punches to anyone who might want them. They are too hard for me to use. I will ship them but would like to get the cost of postage out of it.

They all worked for me fine when they were new, but over the last decade, I can hardly get them to punch. Any takers????
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Recycled Candle Making

One of the many cheapskate ways I save a few dollars is to buy burned, broken, and partial candles from the local thrift stores. I haven’t ever paid more than three dollars for a whole group of candles. I bring them all home and melt them together into a big old pot that I save just for that purpose. Once all the wax has melted down, they usually become a very nice darker shade.This batch had quite a few red tapers in it, while the rest were all white. Those made this batch a deep red. I add essential oil in my favorite scent…LINEN… and reduce the heat almost off.(Sometimes I do have to turn it off, and then back to low).

I gather up all my candle containers, empty, and clean them to get ready for new candles. I then measure the wick string, which I usually buy new, but have recycled sometimes, and cut each one to the length of the container. Today we ran short, so Daughter #3 had a bright idea to use a button on the bottom to pin down the wick to the jar. Such a clever girl!

The next step is to brace each wick up so that the hot wax will not fold it over into the candle. That is where these little popsicle frames come in handy. I then dip the wax from the pot and into the containers just a little at a time with an old measuring cup. ½ cup at a time. When they are full almost to the top, I let them cool. This usually takes about an hour, sometimes an hour and a half.

Lastly, I come back, reheat the last bit of wax and refill the containers to the top. You have to do this because the candle wax cools leaving a large concave area all around the wick.

Butterflies, Flowers, and Mobiles

I have paper punch envy. I love, love, love those new Martha Stewart Punches. I don't have the greatest hand strength most of the time, therefore I cannot use my old style craft punches. I have two drawers full from Scrapbooking. Anyhow, Martha, being, Martha, has designed these newer(at least to me) punches that are so much easier on the hands. I keep looking at them every time I go shopping, and finally I splurged and bought just one. This lovely little butterfly. It will cut two sizes, but three shapes at once. Two smaller and one larger butterfly. The card above is simply a folded piece of cardstock and the packaging from the punch cut into butterflies. I bent them ever so slightly in the center and glued the spine on the card. They look like they will flutter away at any moment. Now I only wish I could buy more shapes. LOL.

Someting else new on my craft front. Quilling. I have been teaching myself, along with some very lovely internet instructions how to quill. I have made a few necklaces, some cards, and various shapes. I really like the look of this paper quilling stuff.

This is the beginnning of a mobile for daughter #2. I wrapped a ribbon around a small embroidery hoop my mother in law gave me a few months back and tied some nice white cording onto it in a criss-cross pattern and glued some of the butterflies onto it. I would like to add some larger butterflies but have not cut them out yet. It is already very cute, but will be great when really finished.
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Hot Mama Apron Swap.

This is what my lovely partner made for me. Of course there were a few other goodies in there too.

Isn't she just soooooo cute.
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Recycled Purse

Something from the local thrift shop yesterday for 99cents.
I always look for good handles, the wooden or hard plastic kind that can be sewn to a new handbag.
This little bag was made from some sort of plastic placemat kind of material, but had great handles, and a few nice silk flowers to boot. It also has a newer magnetic snap and a small inside zipper pocket. I will reuse both of those.
I came home, gave it to daughter #3 and told her if she would deconstruct it we could make her a lovely new purse this week.

So....from icky plastic placemat to lovely little girls purse, we will show you the results later this week.

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