Thursday, June 10, 2010

Butterflies, Flowers, and Mobiles

I have paper punch envy. I love, love, love those new Martha Stewart Punches. I don't have the greatest hand strength most of the time, therefore I cannot use my old style craft punches. I have two drawers full from Scrapbooking. Anyhow, Martha, being, Martha, has designed these newer(at least to me) punches that are so much easier on the hands. I keep looking at them every time I go shopping, and finally I splurged and bought just one. This lovely little butterfly. It will cut two sizes, but three shapes at once. Two smaller and one larger butterfly. The card above is simply a folded piece of cardstock and the packaging from the punch cut into butterflies. I bent them ever so slightly in the center and glued the spine on the card. They look like they will flutter away at any moment. Now I only wish I could buy more shapes. LOL.

Someting else new on my craft front. Quilling. I have been teaching myself, along with some very lovely internet instructions how to quill. I have made a few necklaces, some cards, and various shapes. I really like the look of this paper quilling stuff.

This is the beginnning of a mobile for daughter #2. I wrapped a ribbon around a small embroidery hoop my mother in law gave me a few months back and tied some nice white cording onto it in a criss-cross pattern and glued some of the butterflies onto it. I would like to add some larger butterflies but have not cut them out yet. It is already very cute, but will be great when really finished.
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