Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recycled Candle Making

One of the many cheapskate ways I save a few dollars is to buy burned, broken, and partial candles from the local thrift stores. I haven’t ever paid more than three dollars for a whole group of candles. I bring them all home and melt them together into a big old pot that I save just for that purpose. Once all the wax has melted down, they usually become a very nice darker shade.This batch had quite a few red tapers in it, while the rest were all white. Those made this batch a deep red. I add essential oil in my favorite scent…LINEN… and reduce the heat almost off.(Sometimes I do have to turn it off, and then back to low).

I gather up all my candle containers, empty, and clean them to get ready for new candles. I then measure the wick string, which I usually buy new, but have recycled sometimes, and cut each one to the length of the container. Today we ran short, so Daughter #3 had a bright idea to use a button on the bottom to pin down the wick to the jar. Such a clever girl!

The next step is to brace each wick up so that the hot wax will not fold it over into the candle. That is where these little popsicle frames come in handy. I then dip the wax from the pot and into the containers just a little at a time with an old measuring cup. ½ cup at a time. When they are full almost to the top, I let them cool. This usually takes about an hour, sometimes an hour and a half.

Lastly, I come back, reheat the last bit of wax and refill the containers to the top. You have to do this because the candle wax cools leaving a large concave area all around the wick.

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