Monday, July 19, 2010

Jars and Jar Lids

Spaghetti, pickles, Starbucks, olives, bullion, no type of jar is safe from the MOD PODGE!
These are just this years crop of upcycled jars, I didn't buy any new, but recycled them all from my own kitchen.
I have so many I don't have enough stuff to fill them up right now. HA.
These are the matchy ones from my sewing room organization project.
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Daughter #3

Some of our lovely sea shells from the beach. A lot of these came from this year, but some were from last year.

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Chair to Match

This is my sewing chair. I covered this in the fabric from 1979. I didn't like the plain black, but do like the armlessness of this chair. So....Mod Podge to the rescue.
Full front view.
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Mod Podge Central this Week!

Just a cereal box from Sams that I covered in the fabric from 1979. I use this one to store small skiens of crochet thread.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bulletin Board & Tin Can Storage

This is a lovely bulletin board I picked up at the local thrift store for $2.50. It was a plain thing, so I covered it with this very old piece of fabric and painted the edge trim a glossy black. Before I did that however, I scanned it into the computer to print some paper to do these tins for matching table top storage. I covered a couple of jar lids but didn't get those photographed.
Here are a few binder clips from the paper, and a couple of clothespins also. When I say old fabric, I mean really old. When my dad was working in the Air Force overseas he brought this along with a similar one for my sister back from the middle east in 1979. Ha.Ha.
How's that for some stashbustin. I used a bit of the fabric on the two cans to the left and a paper on the two cans on the right. I think I like the paper best. I still have a few little scraps of the fabric, so we will see what else I can create from this.
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