Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bulletin Board & Tin Can Storage

This is a lovely bulletin board I picked up at the local thrift store for $2.50. It was a plain thing, so I covered it with this very old piece of fabric and painted the edge trim a glossy black. Before I did that however, I scanned it into the computer to print some paper to do these tins for matching table top storage. I covered a couple of jar lids but didn't get those photographed.
Here are a few binder clips from the paper, and a couple of clothespins also. When I say old fabric, I mean really old. When my dad was working in the Air Force overseas he brought this along with a similar one for my sister back from the middle east in 1979. Ha.Ha.
How's that for some stashbustin. I used a bit of the fabric on the two cans to the left and a paper on the two cans on the right. I think I like the paper best. I still have a few little scraps of the fabric, so we will see what else I can create from this.
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