Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Treasure!!

I have read many blogs that claim to have found wonderful items in the trash, or at thrift stores but my seemingly endless efforts of looking have never resulted in the same until recently.  I was in Goodwill and found this awful looking cubbie cabinet.  It seems to have been in an office and used as a mail sort box.  

The price was listed as $9.99 and I was so excited I went to the front and paid for it before I even had figured out how to get it home.  I have a pretty small car and knew it would not fit into my trunk.

Luckily, Daughter #2 was in town and when I called she was able to come to the store and we put it into the trunk of her car to be delivered home.  

I sanded all of the surface, removed the back, cleaned and cleaned the whole thing, and then we began the arduous task of priming and painting the entire thing by hand.  

I wanted the cabinet to have a bit of pop, so I mod-podged the back with a fabric remnant that I have been saving because it was just so bold.  

When all the painting was done and I I re-attached the back with the new color, I loved it.  

For now it is hold all my yarns and needles that I do not carry around for the current otn (on the needles) project.  I still have more spaces for whatever else come along.  

The entire time we worked on this I referred to it as 'my treasure' to which daughter #2 always laughed and corrected as saying 'you mean trash, right?', but I still think it is a treasure!!
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