Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday Sewing

Now that Halloween is over I am focusing on the upcoming Holiday season.  I hope to complete several projects for Christmas this year and I seem to have a plethora of family birthdays to celebrate between now and the end of the year.  
Two of my favorite sewing websites are:
Sew Mama Sew found here:
One of the reasons I love this site is their annual sewing in November campaign. Each day of November they feature several links with a theme, like the first day was gifts for tweens, day two was gifts for gadget lovers.  It is so cute and I always find quick yet lovely projects just in time for the holidays.  I like this little tote but am still undecided about it.

The second webpage for sewing is Nancy Zieman.  Nancy has been around a very long time.  She has a national PBS television program dedicated to sewing but there are many projects she will showcase on her blog.  She is such a great inspiration. You can find Nancy's blog at:
I am currently working on this bag for myself. Nancy Zieman's McCall Pattern 6579