Tuesday, April 29, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge-Week 9- how do I organize my patterns

I have a pretty large collection of downloaded patterns and instructions.  I am on the computer for my job all day long so in my spare moments I am often perusing craft websites for more new patters.  All these downloads can overwhelm if not carefully organized.  I have folders and subfolders breaking the patterns down into categories all located in a primary folder on my desktop called 'all my stuff' because sometimes I find crochet patterns and sometimes it is not crochet related at all.  
Here are a few screenshots to show what I am talking about:

I also have some books which are kept on the bookshelf in the sewing room, beside the bed on the desk, in the basket of current work and so on and so on.  Not everything can be as tidy as file management. : )

52 Week Crochet Challenge -Week 8- Go through any unfinished project and work it or frog it

I finished up 6 baby bunnies for Easter baskets for the kiddos.  All of them are really too old for baskets but I like making new and different things so they all got one.  The first one is a different pattern for my dad.  He got a basket too!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge- Week 7- Make Something from your Scraps

I don't have many scraps.  I knew this last week so when I was making the kids Easter bunnies I purposfuly made a scrap pile.  The pattern called for leaving a long tail to sew the pieces together so I did.  If I had ever made any  amigurumi before I would not have left those long tails on every piece.  Anyhow, I did use the scraps and made a small hand sanitizer holder for daughter #3 with them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge-Week 6-Time to organize

Spring Cleaning.  This week it's time to organize you your yarn.  How do you do it.  By color, type, weight?
I found a 'treasure' about a year ago and keep all my yarns and needles in it now. See this post.  Treasure

52 week Crochet Challenge-Week 5- Learn a new stitch

Week 5 - Learn a new stitich this week and show off a sample.
Well I am a bit late for this one but I am learning something g new.I  have always thought  irish lace was beautiful and today I made 3 lovely small motifs.

52 Week Crochet Challenge-Week 4-How did I learn to crochet

Week 4- How did you learn to crochet, or who taught you?
My mother was not very crafty but one of the few things she taught me to do was crochet.

52 Week Crochet Challenge- Week 3 Celebrate the first day of spring-

Week 3 is Celebrate the First Day of Spring (March 20, 2014) by crocheting a flower or make a project that has a flower motif or theme.  
I didn't see a pattern I liked after trying two others so I just made my own.  This is a simple Black eyed Susan. 

Round 1; chain 2
Round 2; five single crochets
Round 3; two singles in each of the 5. total 10 sc
Round 4; single around. total of 10. end with a slip stitch in first single. cut first color.
Round 4. Join with yellow into any single. Chain 10, join in same single with a slip stitch. Work around into each of the reamining 9 singles.  Each chain forms a loop.  End with a slip stitch into the first single.  cut.
Weave in cut yarns.

52 Week Crochet Challenge-Week 2-Start a crochet notebook

Week 2 is "Start a Crochet notebook, journal, scrapbook or blog.  I am calling the blog a 'new blog' only because I am joining and blogging about it.  

52 Week Crochet Challenge-Week 1 -how do you celebrate national crochet month

Week one is "how do you celebrate national Crochet Month?
This year I celebrated by buying some new yarn skein to make a few projects on the horizon.  I try hard to 'find' yarn, or even recycle from other sources like used clothing, or donated skeins.  I rarely purchase new but sometimes just the right color/weight/ etc. are not to be had used.  So.... loaded with coupons I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some Red Heart Super Soft in Plum and Lavender.  

52 Week Crochet Challenge

I am joining a crochet challenge.  This will be a full year of expanding my crochet skills.  Right now I am playing a bit of catchup.  Also joined in RAVELY.  I have been a member of Raverly for a while now but always forget to bring it up on the old BLOG.

You can see all of the weeks at the blog Red Berry Crochet and even download the PDF for the year.


Happy Hooking!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Baby Crochet

A new baby boy needs a new baby blanket.  Lavender and Plum!!

Easter is Coming!!

Early this morning I made this lovely little door wreath for Easter.  I am donating this for our 'family reunion' door prize.