Tuesday, April 29, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge-Week 9- how do I organize my patterns

I have a pretty large collection of downloaded patterns and instructions.  I am on the computer for my job all day long so in my spare moments I am often perusing craft websites for more new patters.  All these downloads can overwhelm if not carefully organized.  I have folders and subfolders breaking the patterns down into categories all located in a primary folder on my desktop called 'all my stuff' because sometimes I find crochet patterns and sometimes it is not crochet related at all.  
Here are a few screenshots to show what I am talking about:

I also have some books which are kept on the bookshelf in the sewing room, beside the bed on the desk, in the basket of current work and so on and so on.  Not everything can be as tidy as file management. : )

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  1. I have the same system. Aren't computers wonderful for organizing and keeping paper down?