Tuesday, April 15, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge- Week 3 Celebrate the first day of spring-

Week 3 is Celebrate the First Day of Spring (March 20, 2014) by crocheting a flower or make a project that has a flower motif or theme.  
I didn't see a pattern I liked after trying two others so I just made my own.  This is a simple Black eyed Susan. 

Round 1; chain 2
Round 2; five single crochets
Round 3; two singles in each of the 5. total 10 sc
Round 4; single around. total of 10. end with a slip stitch in first single. cut first color.
Round 4. Join with yellow into any single. Chain 10, join in same single with a slip stitch. Work around into each of the reamining 9 singles.  Each chain forms a loop.  End with a slip stitch into the first single.  cut.
Weave in cut yarns.

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