Monday, July 28, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge – Week 20 7/16/2014

It's Christmas in July! Start by planning and beginning your Christmas and/or Holiday projects.
What a hectic few weeks it has been. I have looked and drooled over lovely Christmas crochet beadwork, crochet Christmas decorations, and even crochet Christmas wearables. So far I have made three pair of slipper socks but the daughters all wanted theirs now, not in their Christmas stockings. So my progress for this Challenge was negated with the gifting of them. HA HA!

One of my coworkers said these are Dr. Seuss colors and that made this daughter especially happy.
I made a few more dishcloths this week.  Also took some old neckties and made a quirky wreath for the front door. 

The #2 son also had a birthday this week and is now old enough to have a super exciting present from Grandpa.
The banner was made from a paperback Harry Potter book I cut apart and painted.  We have used it for 5 birthdays so far!

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