Sunday, August 17, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge – Week 24 8/13/2014

Imagine one of your crocheted pieces years from now. Where will it be? Who will have it? Describe what you think the answer will be or make up a story instead.
How about a story from a piece crocheted years ago instead?
When my oldest was newborn I made a beautiful pink cable crocheted afghan. The pattern was from a store book and had hearts as a border edge all over the afghan. As I was a new mom, time to make this was ample and I finished long before the baby arrived. We moved when she was only 3 months old and it was lost in the pack up and not recovered in the unpack until a year and a half later. So it sat in storage all that time. When I discovered it, I washed it up and she used it regularly for the next 5 years. It was passed down to her sister, but rejected because it was very girly and pink.
When the oldest moved out a few years back she took it with her and has it on her bed today. Every time I see it I smile and remember when I was so proud of that accomplishment and how fond she is of it.


I have several excuses for not keeping up the the crochet Challenge this past few weeks.  Or may you could think of them as .....reasons?

I had foot surgery on my right foot.  A bunionectomy to be precise.  I have been working part time for several years now, and just this month have transitioned to full time.  While I was ready for this I was also scheduled to have surgery and then have a two week semester break before I had to go back to work.  With the change I had 2.5 days. Soooo........
I had my surgery Friday morning, and a meeting at work Tuesday for 2 hours and then back to full time on Wednesday.  All with the aid of this knee Scooter and then this boot.

 I did not like the grey antiseptic boot so I just had to 'craft it up'.
This was done with some great patterned duct tape.  Took about 30 minutes.

Good news is my doctor says only two more weeks of the boot and then I can go to 'supportive and athletic footwear for the next month.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge – Week 23 8/6/2014

Make some crochet art! Visit , create, then share your creation.
I used this site some time ago when I made the artwork for my family reunion.

 I love the different textures and coloring's. 

  Wordle: CROCHET

52 Week Crochet Challenge – Week 22 7/30/2014

Try out a new crochet technique this week. It is your choice: felting, broomstick lace, hairpin lace, Tunisian, thread crochet, etc..
For this challenge I have tried Tunisian. I did not like it. Nope not one little bit. It felt to me like I was making some thick hide material. I don't like how many individual loops remain before the finish. Maybe I will go back and find a pattern so this is not the case but for now…… I am not a Tunisian convert.

52 Week Crochet Challenge – Week 21 7/23/2014

What is your favorite crochet hook and why?
G. Enough Said? I prefer most of my work in this size hook as It is quick and my new work seems to just fly through my hands. The loops are large enough to see the individual stitches well and also to close and keep their original shape.
this is my size G
I have also added polymer clay handles to each of them for a better grip

Perhaps someday I will try these.  They are said to be ergonomic.