Saturday, March 26, 2016

Christmas Vacation

This year (2015) my husband and I drove his brand new pickup truck from south Georgia to San Bernadino California to visit family and meet some of his grandchildren. When we were planning the trip we both agreed I would not drive(I don't really enjoy driving) and he would do all of the driving. In compromise for my company, he 'allowed' me to take all the yarn and supplies I wanted to so I could knit and crochet. Thus the 'great knit-a-thon' was begun. I finished many projects to leave with the family members we visited.

I did not get all the photos of all the projects but some are below:
For Savannah who is 6

Sweet Bear

I made this sweet little bear for a co-worker who as having her first baby. I also made a few little bonnets.

The mom-to be was quite pleased.

Finished it up in November just before our marathon family trip. (More on that to come in following posts)