Thursday, August 25, 2016

Updated Sewing Room

For Christmas I asked my kiddos to help me re-vamp my sewing room by removing all the furniture and 13 years of stacked up crafting, sewing, and knitting supplies so that I could come back to an empty room. I wanted to paint the room and ceiling, sand and varnish the wood floors, and rearrange the furniture.
I knew that I would have to purge many, many items and rearrange what I really wanted to keep myself as they would not know what was keep and what was toss.
When we came home from our trip to California the room was 75% empty, and then over the new years holiday the kids and I finished the emptying. Fortunately, I have a big enough house that I just stashed all the stuff into other rooms. I thought this would be a few weeks of clutter. know the story, life got in the way. we lived in clutter for months.
I finished the painting, some of the sanding, and began to think about how hard all this was, then had foot surgery, and recovered. Finally in May I was able to hobble along and begin to purge and re-stock the sewing room.
I am thrilled with the new softer blue color, love the natural light from the two windows, and have even begun to catch up on some of the mending that has been on hold for these past months.
I still do not have closet doors but am considering just going without them for good. I have a small bookcase in the closet and like the easy access.
Here are few photos.

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