Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Love Yarn Day!

When I received the notice that I Love Yarn Day was only 30 day away, I went into a small panic. I have so much to do to show support and celebration for Love of Yarn. then I realized I show support and love every day when I knit or crochet. 
Loving yarn doesn't need a special day, or even a special event in my life as I already do that every time i pick up the needles or hooks to complete something special, something fun, or something useful. 
My family and friends all know that i take my projects with me everywhere. I don't need a 'knit in public' day to knit in public, as every day i knit in public.
That said, I want to take the opportunity to share how much this hobby has meant to me personally over the years. I have made and given away more hand crafted yarn items that i can remember, each one created with thoughts of the intended recipient as the production was being completed. 
Knitting is so rewarding to my mental health, and so satisfying to my need to give that i am sure i will continue to work with needles and hooks forever.

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