Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Some Cross Stitch

I have not made any Cross Stitch projects in a long time because of my difficulty with my eyesight. I have struggled with getting older and losing my perfect vision. It has not been a physical struggle as much as a frustration on my part to accept that my eyes will not work like they used to work.
All that said, I saw a really cute St. Patrick's Day cross stitch pattern recently and decided to make a simple bookmark. The pattern came from here:
Craft Gossip.
I stitched two clover leaves on either side of daughter #3's name and fringed the edges. I sent it to her for use as a bookmark and she tells me she is using it in her journal.

I created a chart using the free software in stitch fiddle and will share that with you here. I used DMC and did not change the coloring during the clover so it was quite quick.
Stitch Fiddle

It was so rewarding that I have started on another new project.

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