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I have been a crafter since I was very young.  I can remember staying at my grandmothers when I was small and helping her to lower and raise an old fashioned quilters hoop that hung from the ceiling when not in use.  It was the same size as the dining room table.  I learned to cross stitch when I was about 17 and for a long time that was my consuming passion.  I cross-stitched many pieces to give away and only have a handful left today.  I then progressed to sewing, and finally quilting.  With each new skill set I mastered the skill and then went on to teach the skill to anyone around me including paid classes.

After cross stitch came the quilting passion.  I was very good at quilting as it was meant for those who like accuracy and perfection.  I can cut and sew a perfect half-square triangle while hardly blinking.  I can hand quilt as well as hand applique, and my blind hem stitches are still great. I machine free-motion quilt today if I am making a quilt.  I made many quilts, again giving them away to family and friends and only have a few remaining today. This was from daughter #2 who was crazy about Winnie the Pooh when we were in Germany.  She is still using it on her bed. : )

I bought a used scroll-saw and belt sander from a friend in 89-90 sometime and taught myself to make childrens handmade puzzles.  I copied many "Precious Moments" coloring book pages, and added names to the puzzle to make them personalized.  I sold so many of those that eventually every family I came into contact with had one or more of my puzzles.  Those were the days of the bunnies also.  I made and sold bunnies with these little cotton dress and had so many the kids all thought I had a bunny farm.


Along the way I was always a crochet maven and eventually learned from a wonderful Dutch friend to knit.  I love knitting now and am quite passionate about that as you will see much on my blog.

Along the way I have sewn for money things from the simple children's clothing to adult dresses to wedding dresses to custom ordered costumes.  I do not sew now for anyone except myself and my children as I found the joy of creating something for others does not rival the joy of creating for myself.

I was born and lived in south Georgia until my teens.  My family moved to Oklahoma where I graduated, met and married my ex-husband with whom I would travel all over the world for his job. We loved living overseas in Saudi Arabia and Germany, but not so much in the frozen north of Omaha, Nebraska.  Warm sunny southern California was nice but too crowded.  Texas was great.  About the time for the oldest two to go into high school we moved back to Georgia.

Here I settled, they have graduated along with the third and now I have only two more to go.  One is a 10th grader and the last is an 8th grader.

You will find most of my posts short and to the point.  When I craft I often do so on a whim and without the pre-planning to stop, fetch the camera, and take the photos of the process.  I try but....sie la vie!

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